ICITS – ASSB 2024 (13-15 Dec 2024)

Welcome to the 3rd International Conference on Innovation & Technology in Sports (ICITS) and the 10th Asian Society of Sports Biomechanics Conference (ASSB).

Empowering Tomorrow’s Champions through Cutting-Edge Sports Technology and Biomechanics

Join us for a groundbreaking convergence of minds at the 3rd ICITS, jointly organised with the esteemed 10th ASSB Conference. As pioneers in the realm of sports science and technology, we are proud to present an unparalleled platform that explores the latest advancements in various facets of the sports industry.

Key Conference Topics:

  • Sports Instrumentation: Unraveling the potential of state-of-the-art tools and devices shaping the future of sports.
  • Sports Materials: Delving into the latest advancements in materials engineering and their impact on sports performance and safety.
  • Sports Biomechanics: Exploring the intricacies of human movement and its application to enhance athletic performance.
  • Sports Equipment: Revolutionizing sports gear for optimal performance and athlete well-being.
  • Design and Simulation in Sports: Harnessing the power of virtual environments and innovative designs to push the boundaries of sports excellence.
  • Data Analytics in Sports: Unlocking the potential of data to gain insights into athlete performance, strategy, and injury prevention.
  • Performance and Motion Analysis: Examining cutting-edge techniques for assessing and optimizing athletic motion and performance.
  • Coaching Innovation: Embracing new coaching methodologies and technologies to elevate athlete training and development.
  • Sports Medicine: Navigating the latest breakthroughs in medical science to ensure the well-being and longevity of athletes.
  • Sports Trauma and Injury Prevention: Addressing the challenges of sports-related injuries and exploring strategies for prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Foot, Footwear, and Gait Biomechanics: Understanding the biomechanics of the foot, analyzing footwear technologies, and exploring gait analysis for enhanced athletic performance and injury prevention.

Why Attend?

Networking: Connect with leading experts, researchers, and professionals in the field of sports science and biomechanics.

Knowledge Exchange: Gain insights from keynote speakers, panel discussions, and interactive sessions.

Innovation Showcase: Explore the latest technologies and solutions shaping the future of sports.

Collaboration Opportunities: Foster collaborations and partnerships for future research and development.

Save the Date: 13-15 Dec 2024 | Venue: ISN, Bukit Jalil, Malaysia

Secure your spot at the forefront of sports innovation. Join us in shaping the future of sports excellence!

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